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Osiris Reunion/SFHS 50th Pictures (T.D. Gutierrez)

Class of 1986 Osiris Reunion Pictures (Dr. M. Comfort)

Class of 1986 Osiris Reunion Pictures (P. Nyberg)

SFHS 50th Osiris Reunion Pictures (Dr. V.C. Gutierrez)

SFHS 50th Osiris Reunion Pictures (Dr. M. Comfort)

The Crypt: "Classic" Osiris Photo Album (circa 1986)


Photo credits for "classic" series: Many Osiris photos, and in particular those at the Rosicrucian compound in San Jose, were taken by the talented Denise Olenak, class of 1986, SFHS. Others were taken by other members of the ever-vigilant photographic staff of the St. Francis Lancer newspaper (Dino Julian, Julie Mori, et al.). And lest we forget Paul's mom, Elenor Lesinski, who was always ready to snap a shot with the knowledge, even circa 1985, we would need them later for a website :) Circa 2005 photos of Paul Lesinski and Tom Luce were taken from the colorfield and Luce websites respectively. We believe use of those copyrighted photos and the use of Tom's bio from the Luce website falls under Fair Use. The material is being used for informational purposes only on this not-for-profit website.

"Is it all just a fix, to make people fear '6', when it really means nothing?"

-The Sower